Why send Next Day Flowers for Valentine's Day 2022?Why send Next Day Flowers for Valentine's Day 2022?

Why send Next Day Flowers for Valentine's Day 2022?

Making Valentine’s Day more sustainable with Next Day Flowers

It’s the time of the year where love is most definitely in the air. There are many ways to express our love, and we encourage you to personalise your gifts to truly show your valentine how you feel, and we think flowers are the best way to do that. That is why we have a varied selection of hand tied Valentine’s flowers available for both next day delivery and same day delivery.

Taking the traditional route is always a good option. A dozen red roses are traditional for a reason, people love them. However, there is more to Valentine’s flowers than a bouquet of roses. We are all individuals and most of us have favourite stems (at least all of my partners have), and we can really show the depth of our feelings by offering a bouquet of our loves personal faves.

Sustainble British Flowers 

This year, on top of securing next day delivery in the UK, wherever you are, we have also sourced an outstanding selection of British flowers. Our team of local florists have created some innovative, luxurious and extravagant Valentine’s bouquets featuring these beautiful British blooms. By buying British not only are you showing your love for your partner, you are supporting local businesses and reducing the carbon footprint of cut flowers. 

Cheap supermarket flowers are an option, but they are poor quality and are surely not the way to show your love. The main reason that they are lacking in quality is because of the distance they travel to get to the supermarket. They are transported halfway across the world in chilled storage units and spend extended periods in central warehouses. They are then machine cut, wrapped in plastic and put on display. Fresh, hand tied flowers from your local florist are a different proposition altogether.

Offering next day flowers this Valentine’s Day is the next step in our journey to making floristry in the UK more sustainable. Machine cut, long distance flowers, that spend time in central warehouses, are a blight on floristry and do enormous damage to the environment, too. By working with local florists throughout the UK who are proud artisans and want to promote sustainability and British flowers, Flower Shops network are changing the current dynamic and you are helping.

Why we may use a courier for our Next Day Flowers

Our next day flowers are crafted by an independent local florist in the UK and come from a flower shop near you. No machines or warehouses. To keep up with demand and ensure that our hand tied Valentine’s bouquets arrive on time we may use a courier. Local florists are busier than usual at this time of year and using a courier relieves some of the burden and means you get your hand tied flowers when and where you want them.

With such a large collection of next day flowers available, we are certain that you can find the perfect bouquet for you Valentine. If you know they want a bouquet of red roses, we have a number of arrangements featuring those stems. From the luxurious to the understated, our hand tied arrangements of traditional red roses are guaranteed to impress. If you know (and you probably should) the object of your affections favourite flowers, we are pretty sure that you will find the ideal bouquet here.

Most importantly, celebrate your love!

Valentine’s Day is about you and the person you love so be sure to celebrate that love. No one can tell you exactly how to do that because your love is individual and person to you and your partner. Our local florists have a selection of next day flowers that we think will perfectly express that love, not to mention brighten up the house, but it is up to you to make Valentine’s Day 2022 extra special. The past couple of years have been trying times, so celebrating the love we have is more important than ever. Ordering a hand tied bouquet of Valentine’s flowers, available for next day delivery no less, is a good place to start, but it is up to you to make the day special, memorable and unique. 

Good luck, not that you will need it because you are a star! We are sure that you will show you love in a big way for Valentine’s Day 2022.