Top 10 Reasons to Send Flowers Same DayTop 10 Reasons to Send Flowers Same Day

Top 10 Reasons to Send Flowers Same Day

Are people still sending flower bouquets as gifts? Yes, of course! 

Flowers are still one of the most popular gifts for occasions and life's milestones. They are thoughtful and timeless gifts that everyone appreciates. On top of that, they are highly convenient! 

Having a high street florist in the neighbourhood makes it easy to send beautiful floral gifts the same day. Locating a UK florist online is now easier than ever. All you need is to find a florist in your area, select the flowers you wish to send, then type your note. The local florist will then hand-deliver the bouquet to your recipient.

Ordering a floral bouquet is easy, but why send one?

We gathered the latest 100 orders from Flower Shops Network to see why customers are ordering flowers the same day. From our data, we found that there are ten reasons why people send flowers:

  1. Birthday
  2. Anniversary
  3. Sympathy
  4. Romance/Love
  5. Cheer up
  6. Get Well Soon
  7. Congratulations
  8. Thinking of You
  9. New Job
  10. Gift


In this article, we share the reasons to send flowers the same day, tips on selecting the best flowers, and why a local high-street florist is best for same-day flower delivery.



Flowers are always a great birthday gift. Based on our data, 34% of the flower orders are birthday gifts.

But, is a simple bouquet enough to be a birthday present? Each flower has its meaning, and it pays to choose the right one that will represent how you think and feel. If you don't know which flowers will do the job, you can ask our local florists to help you.

Or, you can follow our guide on how to pick a birthday gift for the different people in your life.

Best birthday flowers for your wife

A bouquet of 50 fresh red roses is best if you wish to express your unconditional love. If you are planning to have something sweet added to your floral gift, add a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates when you place your order on Flower Shops Network.

Best birthday flowers for your girlfriend

The safest option is to send her a bouquet of her favourite flowers in her favourite colour. She will acknowledge the thought and effort you put into pleasing her. But if you wish to express romantic sentiments, you may consider pink roses. A bouquet of pink roses represents sweetness and poetic romance.

Best birthday flowers for your mum

Any flower you choose for mum will be a hit. But that is not an excuse to put less thought into your birthday gift. Mums need special treatment now and then. Flowers that symbolise tenderness and gratitude are the best ones to send to mum. For example, a bouquet of pink oriental lilies or roses in any colour except for red, as it represents intense passion, is sure to make her happy. Exotic orchids are another option to consider as these represent love, beauty and strength. If you can't make up your mind, you can send a request for us to create a beautiful arrangement that combines different flowers.

Best birthday flowers for your sister

Roses in soft pink hues symbolise the more temperate and gentler side of love. Pink roses are as rich in meaning as their red counterparts, making them the perfect gifts to show affection towards your sibling.

Not a fan of roses? Tulips are a great pick. As symbols of caring and attachment, you can send a bouquet in pink to symbolise platonic love or purple to show your admiration.  But suppose you are a reserved person who does not want to be outspokenly affectionate. In that case, you can opt for a multicoloured arrangement. It is a more casual way of saying you care for your sister.

Best birthday flowers for friends

Bright, colourful flowers will surely delight your friend. Any bouquet that radiates happiness and cheerfulness, such as multicoloured gerberas or sunflowers, is the best birthday flower for a friend. But if you are up for symbolism, pick yellow roses. Yellow roses denote friendship, goodwill and joy. 

Best birthday flowers for him

Flower bouquets are for everyone, and some men appreciate receiving beautiful floral arrangements. You never know, your boyfriend might be one of them! A bouquet of tropical flowers is a safe bet. However, if it's your first time sending a bouquet and you would like to be on the safe side, you can always choose a plant. Not only will it last longer than flowers, but he also has the choice to display it at home or office.



Coming in next at 12% are anniversaries. 

A wedding anniversary celebrates the love, trust, understanding and bond between two people. Celebrating anniversaries brings the couple closer. And when it comes to celebrating, it won't be complete without gifts. 

There are many options to choose from when it comes to gifts, but nothing beats a beautiful bouquet. A floral bouquet makes the best anniversary gift as it conveys emotions such as love and gratitude in a charming manner. So, how can you choose the best anniversary flowers? 

Here are some tips in choosing the right anniversary flowers:

Choose flowers based on the milestone year.

If you didn't know, there is a flower for each anniversary milestone. You can research wedding anniversary flowers to see which flower to include in your bouquet.

Pick flowers based on her name.

Why not send her a bouquet filled with her namesake? It's one way to personalise your anniversary gift. You can also choose a bouquet based on her favourite flowers in her favourite colours if her name isn't after any flower.

Get inspiration from your wedding.

Connect with a local florist to create a bouquet inspired by her wedding blooms. Be sure to capture the flowers and colours used during your special day.

Use the language of flowers to your advantage.

Express your heartfelt message through the language of flowers. Each flower type has a symbolic meaning, so use that to your advantage. Find out which blooms represent your feelings and emotions to make you a bouquet out of those flowers.



The next reason people send flowers on the same day is to pay respects, offer support and show that you care. Based on our data, 10% of floral orders are sympathy flowers.

When the people we know experience a loss, it's important to show a small act of kindness to help them feel better about their situation. While flowers cannot ease the pain, it shows you are thinking of them. That is why it is crucial to pick the right type of flowers when sending a sympathy bouquet. For sympathy flower arrangements, the most popular flowers are carnations. White ones often symbolise innocence, making them the ideal choice to remember a young life lost. For religious families, a bouquet of lilies is best as it is associated with death.



As flowers are associated with romance, it is undoubtedly a top reason people want to take advantage of same day flower delivery service. Tied with sympathy flowers, people are gaga over declaring their love and passion towards their lovers and partners. We have several beautiful bouquets that will show how important these people are in your life. If you wish to think outside the box, why choose a peony or an orchid bouquet from our website? 

Peonies are known for their silky petals and magnificent colours. They signify romance, prosperity and a happy marriage, making them excellent choices for your spouse. Meanwhile, orchids are delicate blooms symbolising love, beauty, and strength. 

Not your type? You can always speak to our local florist in your area to create a beautiful and unique bouquet for your partner.


Cheer up

We bet you did not expect this, but 8% of people send flowers to brighten or cheer up someone's spirits. With the COVID pandemic still around, more people are sending same day flowers to friends, family, and even colleagues.

Unlike other gifts, fresh flowers can immediately impact one's mood. From the moment they receive them, they will feel happier and less depressed and anxious. Based on studies, people who receive flowers often display a genuine smile. The colour and sweet fragrance of the blooms might be the reason behind the shift in moods. People have an emotional response to colour. Warm colours like orange, red and yellow may cause feelings of cheerfulness and positivity, while cool tones like green and blue bring a sense of peace and calm. 


Get Well Soon

Sending flowers as a get well gist is next on the list with 6%.

Sending flowers is a lovely gesture, especially when the person on the receiving end is battling an illness or feeling under the weather. Flowers are a great way to show the person you are thinking of them and wish them well. The best flowers to send to an ailing person are daisies, peonies or hydrangeas. They are bright and colourful blooms that can cheer anyone. However, be careful when choosing blooms to send to a hospital. Some hospital wards do not allow flowers as they may cause allergic reactions for the staff or other visitors. Make sure to ask about hypoallergenic flowers for those sensitive to pollen.



Same day flowers are still big when it comes to celebrations. Sometimes, a text message or phone call doesn't cut it. Better say it with flowers! 

Sending flowers is a more tangible way to convey that you want to share in their joy. There are many exciting moments in life, so take time to acknowledge and celebrate them when they happen to the people close to us. Wondering which flowers to send? Here are some things to remember:

If someone landed their dream job...

Send them a bright and cheerful bunch! Yellow roses are a great choice as they symbolise friendship and joy while still maintaining that elegant, refined beauty. Before sending flowers, consider if they prefer to have the flowers in their home or their new workplace. Suppose they don't mind being in the centre of attention. In that case, flower delivery to their new workplace will be appreciated, especially if you send an arrangement in a vase ready to place on their desk.

To welcome a new member of the family...

Congratulations in the form of flowers and balloons have been a tradition of sending best wishes to a new baby's parents. If the newest member is a girl, you can go for traditional pinks and purples. Lilies, roses or gerberas are popular options. For a boy, feature blue iris in a bunch of happy yellow flowers. White blooms are also popular as they represent purity and innocence.

When sending new baby flowers, be mindful that hospital stays can be short. So it might be better to send the flowers at home to surprise new parents.

On graduating or passing an important exam...

Both of these are great achievements that should be celebrated. Send a bouquet of bright gerberas for a cheery congratulations. Other floral gift options include an arrangement that features orange lilies or tulips. Orange lilies symbolise energy, confidence, passion and satisfaction in life. They also represent honour and respect, showing them that you admire their hard work and perseverance.

To celebrate the news of an engagement...

White roses make a wonderful gift for the occasion. A symbol of purity and innocence, they are a favourite choice for weddings and engagements. For something less traditional, go for sunflowers. Bright, happy and representing longevity, they are ideal for congratulating the happy couple.

A house-warming gift...

Moving into a new home is always exciting. Potted orchids are the perfect gifts for a new home. They come in a range of sizes and shades, and with the proper care, can flower for months. Another option is to send a mixed arrangement of their favourite flowers in a stylish vase.


Thinking of You

At 6%, people send flowers to show that they are thinking of the person. The thought of giving flowers comes from the heart. That is why it means so much to receive some. Giving someone flowers is just as rewarding as getting them yourself. It feels nice knowing you have made someone smile, even just for a while.


New Job

A new job (6%) is the second to the last reason to send same-day flowers. A new job doesn't come every day, so it should be celebrated! Family and friends wish to acknowledge and appreciate the talent and courage it has taken to land a spot in the workplace. Starting a new job is the beginning of a new chapter with a promise of a brighter and colourful future. 



Sometimes words can't say it all, especially when you are asking for an apology. Though the least popular reason for sending same-day flowers (2%), some people still send gift flowers.

Besides bringing warmth and comfort, flowers are a great way to express your sentiments positively. Sending flowers the same day as a peace offering or simply an offering is a wonderful way to mend ties and improve relationships, whether personal or professional. 

Last thing…

Add a card.

Whatever your reason for sending same-day flowers, don't forget to add a card with a personalised message. Even if the bouquet speaks for itself, a few well-chosen words will never hurt. It will also touch the person's heart even deeper.

Choose a local florist for same-day flowers.

We can help you select blooms that bring joy to loved ones, no matter the situation. With our knowledge of flowers and skills in creating unique designs, we make it convenient to have fresh, hand-cut flowers sent anywhere in the UK. On top of that, we care for each flower we include in a bouquet and ensure the flowers are hand-delivered to perfection. 

For these reasons, we hope you consider Flower Shops Network when sending flowers to your loved ones. By using Flower Shops Network , you support local businesses all over the UK that provide an excellent service to the local community. Our florist network brightens up the high streets, supports their local towns, and are the most ethical way to send flowers in the UK.