Next Day Flowers, something new for 2022Next Day Flowers, something new for 2022

Next Day Flowers, something new for 2022

THE BENEFITS OF NEXT DAY FLOWERS…(aka flowers for the organised)

They do exist…

We know they are out there, that they walk amongst us, but we never seem to meet any of them. All we see are people running hither and thither just barely keeping it all together, but we know for a fact there are others out there. That’s right, the organised are out there.

They always know whose birthday is when. Which anniversary has which name, and the significance of those names. They know all the holidays, and are always prepared. Like maniacal boy scouts. Yet we at Flower Shops Network have been guilty of marginalising these stalwarts, because really where would we be without them? Without their timely reminders we wouldn’t even have the chance to send same day flowers to appear to be one of the organised.

Our focus has been on providing same day delivery of hand tied flowers, crafted by local florists no less, to save the forgetful. That is all going to change, however, we have a new range of next day flowers (but we privately refer to them as Flowers for the Organised) that rewards planning and organisation. Each bouquet and arrangement in our new range will have the same premium, hand tied flowers, crafted by local florists, but without the premium cost of same day flowers.

Why Offer Next Day Flowers?

Before we get into our article in detail, we want to outline that we are happy to hear from our customers, and aim to listen to feedback and grow as a company whilst staying true to our principles of fresh, hand tied flowers created by independent, local florists and eco-friendly delivery. It seems a lot of our customers are proud members of the organised, and they wanted a more affordable range of the same fresh, hand tied flowers, created by local florists without the premium cost that is required for same day flower delivery. 

So we felt compelled to oblige. So, in consultation with local florists, we have created a range of affordable hand tied bouquets and arrangements in recognition of the organised. Our local florists will still design and craft bouquets and floral arrangements of fresh, hand tied flowers, the only difference is the price. Our entire range is available for next day delivery in the UK for only £35. That includes delivery fee!

That is excellent value for money if we may be so bold as to say so ourselves. We are excited to make the freshest flowers available for next day delivery in the UK and our florists can’t wait to start creating our new range of hand tied flowers. We will endeavour to continue delivering all of our flowers directly from your local flower shop, but while we are fine tuning the service it may be necessary to use a courier. However, you can rest assured that each order is handcrafted by an artisanal, local florist and none of our flowers will come from a central warehouse.

What are Next Day Flowers?

The description is really just an industry term for ‘not same day flowers’. Any of the organised, or those who want to appear to be organised, or perhaps experience a fleeting moment of organisation, can order flowers for a special occasion or as a gift in advance. That is what next day flowers really are. However, we aim to make the finest, fresh, hand cut flowers available for next day delivery in the UK. 

Online flower delivery is simple and has made it easier to order flowers, that almost goes without saying. Unfortunately, many of the flowers that go out for delivery after being ordered online are machine cut, come from centralised warehouses and travel long distances. Not only does that mean the flowers are not particularly fresh, it also increases the carbon footprint of next day flowers. We are going to change that.

We are proud to work with local florists who share our passions. We use hand cut flowers, our bouquets and arrangements contain hand tied flowers and come from a local florist in the UK. Using local florists means our customers get the same high quality hand tied flowers that we are known for, without the premium price, for next day delivery in the UK.

Another step towards sustainability

There is no getting away from the fact that floristry in the UK, and the floriculture industry as a whole has a large carbon footprint and it is important that everyone does their bit to help reduce that footprint where possible. That is why we champion local florists and local flower delivery.

Ordering flowers online often results in machine cut flowers from a central warehouse, which then travel long distances before finally being delivered. By working with local florists who can offer both same day flowers and next day flowers that come directly from your local flower shop, we can reduce the carbon footprint of flower delivery in the UK

Our next day flowers will be crafted by local florists. The bouquets and arrangements of hand tied flowers will be hand delivered from your local flower shop by local delivery drivers. Working with independent florists guarantees hand cut flowers from a shop, not a warehouse and with no need for long distance delivery cuts carbon emissions. It also cuts the cost of the beautiful blooms.

Affordable Next Day Flowers

On top of the panic and stress that comes with same day flower delivery, there is a premium that comes with last minute orders. It is only proper and correct that there is a reward for being organised. So our new range of next day flowers offer an attractive and affordable alternative option for those blessed with a good memory and the rest of us who got lucky.

Each bouquet and arrangement features hand tied flowers and is crafted by local florists. We use the same premium quality cut flowers in each of our hand tied bouquets and floral arrangements, but without the premium that comes with same day delivery. To ensure that we can meet the demand for our affordable next day flowers it may be necessary to occasionally use a courier, but we guarantee that an artisanal florist has created very hand tied bouquet and arrangement.

We recommend that you take a look at our new range and at least pretend to be one of the organised. Or at least feel like you are by ordering some of our next day flowers and surprising everyone, including yourself!