International Women's Day Flower Give-AwayInternational Women's Day Flower Give-Away

International Women's Day Flower Give-Away

Competition Time!

Have we gone mad?!

Competition mad, yes we have!

Here at Flower Shops Network we’ve been thinking about the best way to get word out about our fresh and funky bouquets as we do believe that our bouquets blow the competition (another great pun!) out of the water. If you think that’s a bold statement, feel free to check our displays out here.

Being a young company and without the deep pockets of some of the larger, more well established florist’s out there, we just don’t have the budget to plaster buses with our adverts…not just yet anyway! So our mission now is;

How can we let the world know about our beautiful, budding blooms?

After many late night hours in the boardroom we came up with a fantastic new marketing strategy, are you ready to hear about this ground-breaking new approach…..

Word of mouth

I for one love it as there’s no better way than having genuine, unsolicited, positive feedback for our products to boost their image. Now we’ve got to think of ways of getting as many of our gorgeous hand tied flowers out to the public as quickly as possible. I suppose I could go and stand on a street corner and hand out bouquets, but I’m not sure how that would end, so maybe not!

Then it came to us…..Competitions!

Everyone loves winning! Whether a friendly game of badminton, a heated discussion or even a round of Mario Karts, winning makes us feel good. I’m not going to go into depth about dopamine release and serotonin levels, but it’s a well known fact, winning feels good!

Win beautiful flowers every month for a year!

We realise that buying stunning displays of hand cut flowers isn’t in a lot of people’s weekly budget, so we want to give as many opportunities for everyone to be able to share in the brightness and freshness that only a bouquet of flowers can provide. We have now started our competitions campaign for you lovely, lucky people to win one of our fabulous floral displays every month for a whole year! This will be the year of the give away at Flower Shops Network so keep your eyes on our online magazine and social media for more details on how to win, win, and win!

International Women’s Day

We have launched an International Women’s Day competition where you can nominate your female hero for a chance to win a stunning hand tied bouquet every month for a whole year.

For those that may live under a rock or in a cave, I’ll give a brief outline of what IWD is all about! With humble beginnings in the early 20th century, IWD has now grown to become a public holiday in many countries and celebrated in many more each year on March 8th. It’s a day that gives recognition to all the great achievements, amazing work and charitable deeds performed by womankind and female-focused support networks. It’s also a huge opportunity to promote fantastic causes on a global platform.

Every year IWD promotes a different theme in the cause of helping women’s rights and equality, bringing support and help to those that need it. This year IWDs theme is Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” along with the hash-tag #BreakTheBias. It’s sad to say that whether intentional or accidental, gender bias is still a huge problem in today’s world. By highlighting this fact in a global movement IWD will raise awareness in order to combat this ugly, out dated trend.

If you would like to get involved this March 8th on IWD there are 100s of opportunities to do so with speeches, workshops, training and tutorials available, have a look at what’s on offer in your area by visiting the IWD 2022 calendar.

Who’s your Wonder Woman?

Here’s a chance for you to let the world know who your inspirations are, who you admire, respect and look up to by writing a short piece about them and why you feel so touched by the work they’ve achieved. It could be a business woman who’s climbed to the top, a musician whose charitable work touched you or possibly even a teacher from school whose dedication and patience made you who you are today. It doesn’t matter who they are, we want to let the universe know about their achievements and how they became your role model.

You’ve got to be in it to win it

If you haven’t already entered be quick! International Women’s Day is on March 8th…..tick-tock-tick-tock

To win a beautiful bouquet a month for a year, simply go to our Facebook page or our Instagram and click the post that mentions competition. On the comments section of the post, mention the name of your hero and a write a short explanation of what inspires you about her. Once done, sit back, relax and hopefully wait for the arrival of your fantastic, fresh flowers, every month, for a year!

What better way to set the water cooler chit-chat ablaze with gossip, than having a stunning hand tied bouquet of our freshest flowers dropped off in the office?! Not just, once, but every month for a year!!

Or just imagine coming home after a hard day’s work to find a gorgeous bouquet waiting on the doorstep to keep you company…. now that would be nice.


So don’t delay, get nominating today, for a chance to win 12 beautiful monthly bouquets!!