The month of March is a wonderful occasion to recognize and honour the powerful women in our lives and those who contribute to their communities. Women's Day provides an opportunity to recognize the important contributions made by women and to raise awareness of the social issues that still need to be resolved in order to achieve gender equality.

Every year, women's day has a different theme. This year it's #EmbraceEquity, which focuses on all types of equality creating a more fair world. This means challenging biases, discrimination and seeking inclusion for everyone.


Flowers are traditionally given during this month to show appreciation to the strong women or female figures in their lives. Flowers are the a universal symbol to show love, admiration and reverence so by giving flowers, we're showing them that we value their contributions and recognize their hard work and achievements.

As we celebrate women's month, let's  take the time to appreciate the female figures in our lives,  through the simple gesture of flower giving. Whether it's a bouquet or a few stems, flowers are a thoughtful gesture that can brighten anyone's day and to let them know that we see them and appreciate them.



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