International Mother’s Day 2022International Mother’s Day 2022

International Mother’s Day 2022

What’s this?! Another chance to celebrate Mother’s Day?!  

International Mother’s Day is another fantastic chance to show your mum just how much she really means to you and is guaranteed to leave her feeling fan-dabby-double-dozily appreciated and loved. 

 Let’s face it, do we really need an excuse to tell our mum thanks and show her our appreciation for all the years of love, support and guidance? 

I think not. 


Absence makes the heart grow fonder 

Not everyone lives near their mum, sometimes it’s just down the road or the next town over, other times the distance can be the next country or even the next continent. In times past with long distances it used to be harder to try and judge the postal timing to get gifts and cards delivered in time, it was always a risky game. 

These days it’s never been easier. Thanks to the rise of the internet, sending flowers, cards or some chocolates to the other side of the world, can be done in just a click. There really is no excuse; distance is no longer a logistical obstacle but it can be an emotional one. 


What goes around, comes around 

Sending or receiving a postcard, email or even text when miles from home can be rewarding. Now imagine if that simple gesture could be magnified with a thing of beauty that lasts for a whole week longer? 

Sending a bouquet of flowers takes no time at all, and why not treat them to a box of truffles whilst you’re at it! 


Once is not enough 

Although Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world and is pretty much the same ceremony of gift, card and flower giving, it can often fall on different dates for different countries.  

At Flower Shops Network we celebrate them all!  

We offer everyday handtied bouquets to suit every mum and have also asked our floral designers to create some sensational Mother’s Day bouquets where the stems are chosen and arranged to perfection for you. To ensure your mum has a lovely surprise, check out our amazing Mother’s Day bouquets. 


The beginnings of International Mother’s Day 

The origins of Mother’s Day in the USA is a somewhat bittersweet tale and revolves around a lady called Anna Jarvis whose mother was instrumental in creating safe groups for mothers and mother’s friendship day in the late 1800s. After her mother’s death, Anna conceived of Mother’s Day as a way of promoting and honouring the many sacrifices made by all mother’s for their children, and out of respect for her late mother.  

In 1908 the first Mother’s Day event was held and was hugely successful. Anna Jarvis worked diligently over the next few years trying to get Mother’s Day put officially on the calendar as she felt women’s achievements weren’t as well recognised as men’s. Her hard work paid off and President Woodrow Wilson made the second Sunday in May officially Mother’s Day in 1914. 

This is unfortunately where the story turns sour. 

Anna’s vision of Mother’s Day was initially meant to be a day where people wore carnations and visited their mothers, went to church or had a meal together, all about family and love. Nobody expected Mother’s Day to become such a commercial success, and it broke Anna Jarvis’ heart to see card and candy company’s turning it into such a lucrative festival. In fact, from as early as the 1920s she spent the remainder of her life and personal fortune fighting these companies and trying to get the day removed from the calendar altogether! 

The true origins of Mother’s Day have much deeper roots and its first mention in the history books was from the ancient Greeks who worshipped The mother of Gods; Rhea. While other historians  state it was mother Earth Gaia who was worshipped, regardless, it was from this era of Titans and Goddesses that the worship of mothers was first mentioned. With feasts, festivals and often sacrifices, Mother’s Day was a far cry from the social pleasantry it has become today! 


It's the thought that counts 

Mothers day gift

Mother’s Day is still often described as a Hallmark day, meaning it has been pushed to the extremes by the major greeting card companies to the point that one feels guilty for not buying one. That’s not right as Mother’s day is still, and always will be, all about love.  

Many people prefer to make their own cards to buck this trend and to be honest nothing beats a homemade card. The time, thought and creativity involved is always noted and well rewarded with mums-mental-Brownie-points!

Gifts can range from a beautiful bouquet, a box of Belgian chocolates, a day at the spa or even a fancy lunch -whatever the gift, it really is the thought that counts.  

Some Mother’s Day Fun Facts! 

In 2021 Brits spent a whopping £1.35 billion on the Mother’s Day holiday! 

The top 3 Mother’s Day gifts in 2021 were: 

Greeting cards - 72% 

Flowers - 68% 

Special outing – 49% 

The busiest day of the year in America for restaurant owners is Mother’s Day with an average 35% rise in bookings on this day! 

More than 150 million cards are exchanged in America and over 30 million in the UK! 

The most popular flowers given as Mother’s Day gifts in the UK 2021 were; Tulips, lilies, roses and carnations.