How to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Christmas TreeHow to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

How to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

What do you like most about Christmas? Is it the food, company, or enchanting decorations that make you feel like you are in a movie? 

Christmas decorations play a part in bringing joy and putting people in a festive mood. With colourful, sparkly, and creative decor, a place is magically transformed into Santa's playground, but only if you overdo it. 

For the most part, there is usually a Christmas tree, a wreath on the door, garlands and ribbons here and there, and some stockings. But if you wish to upgrade your decorations this year, it's time you give the most popular Christmas decorations a try.

Popular Christmas Decorations

  • Candles
  • Garlands
  • Roping
  • Ribbons
  • Poinsettias
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Wreaths


Choosing a Colour Scheme for Christmas Decorations

The colours of your decor items will make or break your Christmas home decorations. That is why some people decide on a colour scheme before buying or deciding on specific decorations. The standard colours are red and green, blue and silver, and gold and red for Christmas. 

But you don't have to stick to these. People nowadays are choosing jewel tones and other bright colours to decorate their homes. Others are choosing neutrals for an elegant and sophisticated feel. 

The colour choice depends on you. You may follow the trends, go for the classic look, or try something new for a change. Just make sure to end up with a cohesive look that screams Christmas and not Halloween.


Decorating Your Christmas Tree: A Guide

Of course, Christmas decorations are not complete without a tree of some sort. Nothing steals the show more than a Christmas tree. Without a tree, where would you place the presents and Christmas ornaments?

Before we jump into the eco-friendly decorations for your tree, here is a guide to decorating your Christmas tree.


1. Invest in a high-quality artificial tree.

When you buy a high-quality artificial Christmas tree, you save money and resources as you don't have to buy a tree every year. You can also rent or purchase a pre-owned tree. When choosing a tree, pick one with a traditional look to give you a perfect base to layer as you wish.


2. Spread the branches.

Don't just dive into adding ornaments to your Christmas tree. Take time to separate and fluff each branch to cover as much area as possible. 


3. Select a theme.

Your chosen colour scheme will tie your decorations together, but having a theme elevates your decors' overall look. Pick a theme to help you identify which holiday figures best fit your Christmas tree.


4. Have your decorations and lights ready.

Make sure the Christmas tree lights work. See if you have the right decorations on hand. With so many ornaments available in the market, it is easy to get confused by the abundance. For example, Christmas baubles come in different sizes and textures. While contrast is encouraged, a difference between ornaments can affect the overall design.


5. Use a Christmas tree skirt.

Though the bottom of a Christmas tree is not always the first thing to be seen, having a tree skirt as a finishing touch covers the tree's unsightly legs. A tree skirt does not only produce a complete, harmonious look. It also serves as a backdrop for your Christmas presents and protects your floor or carpet from fallen pine needles (in the case of real trees).


6. Finish it off with a striking topper.

Most toppers are in the shape of stars or angel figures. Whatever you choose, make sure you have one that fits your theme yet stands out from the rest of your decor. Also, make sure your topper complements the shape of the tree. Wide toppers are perfect for full trees, while elongated ones are for narrow trees.


Famous Holiday Figures

Now that you have a guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree, it is time to decide on the holiday figures you wish to incorporate into your decor. Traditional Christmas decoration motifs will elevate your design and define the areas you want to highlight.

Here are some of the famous holiday figures to add to your Christmas tree decor:

  • Santa
  • Reindeer
  • Snowmen
  • Snowflakes
  • Candy canes
  • Bells
  • Stars
  • Angels


Eco-Friendly Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

It's time to get creative and conscious about the Christmas tree decorations you buy. With sustainability in focus in most parts of the world, it is no wonder why people are slowly transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can start your journey to sustainability by choosing eco-friendly Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree. You can even DIY most of them, which is fun for all the family!

So, what are some eco-friendly decorations for your tree? Here is a list of ideas for you to try:


  • Dried citrus garland

To achieve that 'stained glass' look, dry slices of lemon, lime or orange in the oven. String them in a garland along with cinnamon quills for extra fragrance.


  • Natural ornaments
Pinecone - Attach loops of twine in each pinecone and hang them on the branches of your tree. This makes an excellent replacement for store-bought plastic baubles. Finally, paint the tip of the pinecones for a festive look. 

Driftwood - Collect small pieces of driftwood to create star decorations for your tree. Stick the pieces into the desired shape, then use paint or glitter to make them stand out.

Shells - Collect shells from the shore and stick twine loops at the back to hang them on your tree.


  • Paper decorations

The cheapest and most widely available material, sheets of paper or newsprint, is the easiest to turn into decorations. Paint them or leave them as is and turn them into different shapes. Likewise, you can fold and shape them into stars, make snowflake cutouts, and even do origami. You can even link your paper designs to create a garland. 

The possibilities are endless when you have paper. A little search on the Internet, and you will find inspiration for your Christmas decor project.


  • Felt or wool decorations

Like paper, felt and wool are highly versatile. You can turn them into garlands, tinsel and Christmas tree ornaments shaped into iconic holiday figures. Depending on the design, characters made of felt or wool are often cute and kid-friendly. 


  • Pre-loved decorations

There are plenty of pre-loved decorations from online marketplaces and charity shops. Shopping for secondhand decor items is a great way to exercise your design skills.


  • Polaroid film

If you love taking photos or have a stack of Polaroid photos lying around the house, it's time you make use of them. Clip them to your Christmas tree using wooden pegs. The uniqueness of each picture will definitely make your tree stand out.


  • Flowers

Instead of artificial flowers, why not choose fresh flowers from a real, local florist? Fresh, hand cut flowers make a beautiful Christmas tree decor. For a festive look, get blooms in reds or oranges. Place them in small water vials to stay alive for as long as possible. Then, attach them to your tree using floral wire. 


Decorating the tree is and should be a fun activity. Try not to stress yourself and just go with it. Let the family join the fun and find creative and eco-friendly solutions to decorating your Christmas tree.