Flowers in Season: Autumn AspirationsFlowers in Season: Autumn Aspirations

Flowers in Season: Autumn Aspirations

Time marches on, it’s inevitable and there is nothing wrong with that! Change is a part of life, so we should embrace it and if there is growth too, even better. All of which is another way of saying the seasons have changed and it is time to embrace our Autumnal aspirations. The beauty of the seasons is that they all have their distinct feel and character, a lot like people, and everyone has their favourite season.

There has been much debate amongst the team at Flower Shops Network, it seems the only thing we can agree upon is our love of fresh flowers, about which season is best. In a, quite frankly,  stunning display of maturity we collectively decided that there is no best season, each has its own pros and cons and we should embrace each season on its own merits. In the interests of full disclosure, that doesn’t happen very often!

This season we have an awesome array of autumn flowers, expect plenty of earthy tones, with reds, yellows, oranges and browns featuring heavily in our hand tied bouquets, although we have created some more vibrant flower arrangements for those of us who like our fresh blooms bright.

Autumn overview

Before we highlight some of the bouquets of seasonal flowers our artisanal local florists have created, we will take a brief look at autumn. What even it is, and what does it mean?

When does autumn start?

That really depends on where you are, in the Northern Hemisphere it begins on the autumnal equinox (when day and night are of equal length), the 22nd or 23rd of September and ends with the winter solstice (the year’s shortest day) 21st or 22nd of December. In the Southern Hemisphere it runs from March until June, but we won’t get into the reasons for that here…

What distinguishes autumn?

No matter which hemisphere you are in, the characteristics of autumn are the same. This is a time of harvest and numerous rites, festivals and rituals have evolved to mark the importance of this time of year for food production.

Some autumn facts

  1. The nights get longer, so we get that awesome extra hour or so in bed.

  2. We think fall is the North American term for autumn, but that is not actually true. ‘fall of the leaf’ was a common phrase in the UK in the 17th century. The word autumn entered English from the French automne and became common usage in the 18th century.

  3. Leaves changing colour is one of the highlights of autumn, but why does it happen? During autumn sunlight hours decrease making photosynthesis impossible, so the chlorophyll that makes leaves green is reduced and other chemicals take prominence. These are the same chemicals that give carrots and egg yolks their colour and are responsible for the vibrant colours at this time of year.


Temperature drop and both flora and fauna, not to mention people, prepare for the harsh coming months. We get wrapped up in extra layers to fight the cold, just like many animals that grow thicker fur to do the same, and curl up in the comfort and cosiness of our homes. Not going out is one of the defining characteristics of autumn. In my personal opinion that is another item in the pro column for autumn!

While it is understandable that people want to shelter from the weather, to stay comfortable and cosy, there are a multitude of fantastic flowers to be found in autumn, and the colours on the trees and in fields are beautiful. Sadly, the weather doesn’t exactly encourage us to go searching the fields for them…

That’s why we have worked with our artisanal florists to create a selection of hand tied flower arrangements to highlight the diversity and beauty of autumn blooms. Not only that, but our autumn selection is available for same day delivery and next day delivery. We even have some letterbox flowers for autumn. By offering such a range and diversity of fresh flowers and delivery options we are making it easier than ever to order flowers online today.

Our autumn flowers

Everyone at Flower Shops Network is passionate about flowers, and we want you to get the best seasonal flowers available, that means we want to give you choice. So much choice, in fact, we have more autumn bouquets than there are weeks in the season!

Our team of experienced team of florists are located all across the country and we have designed 14 seasonal bouquets for you and your loved ones this autumn. We have almost spoiled you for choice!

With so many options to choose from, I thought I would give my own personal favourites from our collection, and believe me it wasn’t an easy choice to make! So here goes.

Next Day Flowers


This bouquet features a selection of bright oranges and deep burgundys, reflecting the nation’s woodlands in autumn. Our florists have combined both single and spray roses with helenium, solidago and coitinus to make the perfect seasonal bouquet. 


The almost perfect flower arrangement for someone who loves the season, this bouquet calls to mind cozy nights in front of the fire with orange hued santinis, euphorbias and germinis, and deep burgundy from cotinus and hypericum.


Created to reflect the changing colours of the season, this bouquets features hues from yellows and oranges to deeper reds and burgundys and fresh, hand tied stems, to bring a touch of autumn indoors.

Same Day Flowers


Despite the somewhat cumbersome name, this is the perfect bouquet for those who are not really sure what flowers to get. Each arrangement is unique, a one off design from your local florist featuring fresh, seasonal flowers.

Letterbox flowers


This is a vibrant and colourful bouquet that bucks the trend for autumn flowers and adds a splash of colour to any household. Vivid magenta santini are combined with orange carthamus, roses and lilies, in this stunning bouquet which also features the wonderfully textured kangaroo paws. Our Letterbox flowers are ethically sourced and are delivered in 100% compostable and recyclable packaging. Not only is it a great gift, but it is great for the environment, too.