Easter, More Than Just Chocolate Eggs! Easter, More Than Just Chocolate Eggs!

Easter, More Than Just Chocolate Eggs!

I’ve never understood the connection between Easter and a stuffed chocolate egg, but being a foodie, never really complained. But what I am going to complain about is the ever shrinking, so called Easter egg! 

How old?! 

Without getting all “When I were a lad….” and complaining about modern society and how things were so much better in the good old days, I’d just like to say: 

When I were a lad Easter eggs used to be massive! They rattled when you shook them as they were stuffed with hidden treasures, chocolate beans and even toys. The chocolate was so thick on those eggs you needed a hammer to get into them and could easily loose a tooth when tucking into great slabs of chunky chocolate. Even the colourful foil wrapping was thicker, tougher and reusable in all sorts of crafty projects. I only ever got 2 Easter eggs each year but they would last until May, squirreled away in secret stashes around my bedroom to be scoffed secretly as a midnight munch. 



How much?! 

But those days appear to be long gone. Last year I grabbed a few eggs from the supermarket for my niece and nephews. Not really as much choice as I remembered unless you like a certain purple branded midlands chocolate or could afford to take out a second mortgage and go for something Swiss and handmade. So I went for the Swiss top end for my sis and niece and a couple of surprisingly cheap UK eggs each for the boys. 

How fast?! 

Have you ever seen a movie called “Gone in 60 Seconds”? 

There was a flurry of activity and the boys had demolished both eggs! To be honest they were pretty poor eggs, spun so thin that I think they must have been made in zero gravity? The hidden treasures turned out to be 6 nano-micro-mini chocolates stuffed in a separate bag not even in the egg and likewise disappeared in seconds. The pricey hand made chocolatiers eggs were slightly more impressive, but still a serious let down, especially when considering the cost. 

So there you are, bah humbug to buying Easter eggs this year! 

How gorgeous?! 

This year I’m going the Flower Shops Network route and getting my nearest and dearest something to brighten up not only their day but their lives and homes as well. I’ve decided not to promote diabetes this year and follow the more natural path when giving out Easter goodies. 

Fresh hand tied flowers delivered to the door, possibly by a bunny, will be my gifts from now on. Flowers really do say it all and they can transform the room into a bright, fragrant space just by sitting in a vase on the table! The mental health benefits from floral arrangements are well known and documented and let’s be honest, who doesn’t appreciate a gorgeous bunch of hand tied flowers?! 

How refreshing?! 


For my nephews I’ve also gone green but think they would never speak to me again if I bought them a bouquet, so have opted for some interesting and exotic fruit! It’s amazing what is available in a larger supermarket these days, so this year the boys have got papaya, mango, dragon fruit, lychees and durian. I may well still never get spoken to again so I’ve slipped a tenner each in the bottom of the baskets, just please don’t tell their mum or she’ll kill me! 

How do I join in?! 

Everyone can afford to bring a little fresh loveliness into a loved one’s home with Flower Shops network’s amazing 22% off Easter promo code! That means huge savings on all our hand tied floral displays and arrangements saving you a little extra to spend on our delicious array of chocolates to make your hand tied flowers just that bit extra special.  

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Lets face it, with a whopping 22% off all our flowers they will probably be cheaper than an Easter egg and last twice as long! 

Please remember that our last day for delivering flowers will be on Saturday 16th April as we will be respectfully closed on Easter Sunday so please ensure your order is in early..