Bring Joy to Grandparents this Week with These 8 StepsBring Joy to Grandparents this Week with These 8 Steps

Bring Joy to Grandparents this Week with These 8 Steps

Grandparents are precious people who are great sources of wisdom and advice. You can get some of the best life lessons from their unique experiences in life. On top of that, grandparents will do almost anything to make their grandchildren feel cared for and be happy.  

It is Grandparents' Day in the UK, making it the perfect time to be with your grandparents, even just for a while. But, the COVID 19 pandemic is making it difficult to be with them physically as being outside presents a higher risk. Fortunately, there are several ways to make them feel appreciated and loved.

If life in the pandemic is difficult, it is so much more for the elderly. The separation from their family members, especially grandchildren and limited social activity increased loneliness and even made some depressed. So as family and friends, it is your job to look after yourselves and the older generation.

Even if it is just a short time, here are some ways to bring joy to your grandparents this week.


1. Offer other forms of bonding.

Restrictions are still in place, and most grandparents understand the need for limited physical contact. And when they can visit, it can be challenging for them not to hug, kiss, or touch their grandchildren, especially when it has been too long since they have met or bonded. If the elderly cannot help it, be sure to follow health protocols.

The alternative is to offer other forms of bonding whenever they come over. Little activities such as taking family pictures, making art, reading a story, singing songs or exchanging homemade gifts are some things you can do. Make sure the activities you choose are friendly and age-appropriate to everyone involved.


2. Go low-tech when communicating.

While video calls are the norm, grandparents will appreciate it when you try to meet them halfway. Writing letters and sending cards are not only romantic, but they also show that you are putting in the effort to communicate. Unfortunately, grandchildren often take communication with the elderly for granted.

Another way of going low-tech is by substituting video calls with short yet frequent telephone calls. It is a small way to check in with your grandparents now and then. Also, use this time to discuss your sorrows, ask for advice or share your joys.


3. Help them with their needs.

Older people need food, medicine and other essential supplies but being in public puts them at risk. If you are at a lower level of risk, offer to get groceries for them or pick up their medications at the pharmacy. While you are running errands, why not make them a care package?

A care package is a box of items with things they would like to have. For example, you can put magazines, treats, crafting or art supplies, cosy socks, family photos, or personal care products. Anything else that would make your grandparents smile can be in the box.


4. Organize a virtual activity.

If your grandparents live alone, they likely feel lonely most of the time. Initiate to organize virtual dinner dates followed by TV time with them. Even virtual, knowing a familiar face doing the same thing can give a sense of calm and assurance that they are not alone.


5. Learn about their interests.

The elderly are people with interests and obsessions. When you tap into what they are passionate about, you are connecting with them at another level. So ask them what they like and find a way to help them reconnect to those hobbies and stuff.


6. Give them a chance to showcase their skills.

Most older people have lots of skills that are helpful during these times. Find opportunities that would allow them to showcase what they can do. From volunteering to sew masks, making meals for emergency workers to helping the family with cooking, there are so many things your grandparents can do to fill their time.


7. Send them fresh flowers.

Flowers are known for their positive health effects, and the older generation loves receiving flowers. So when you send flowers to your grandparents, you are hitting two birds with a stone. Should you decide to send flowers, be sure to choose a local florist or a company that deals with local florists.

Flower Shops Network is a UK company that offers fresh flower bouquets at an affordable price. Other than the price and the quality of its products, it offers same-day flower delivery. So if you need emergency flowers, you can trust Flower Shops Network to deliver.


8. Bring them for a pleasant car ride.

The car serves as an extension of the house's safety bubble. Going for a drive around the neighbourhood, country, or seaside is a fantastic way to ease boredom. Pack a healthy picnic lunch and find a spot to eat al fresco.


These eight things are some of the things you can do to bring a smile to your grandparents' faces. So try to do them this week and see how your relationship will change for the better.