Blooms in Season: October FlowersBlooms in Season: October Flowers

Blooms in Season: October Flowers

The autumn leaves are at their best every October, and the flower choices are unlike any season. The unique blooms feature rich colours. Jewel tones and luscious, velvety colours are what florists will be playing with this month.

Want to know more about the blossoming flowers of October? Read on to learn about the flowers perfect for autumn weddings and festivities.

List of October Flowers:

  1. Carnation
  2. Chrysanthemum
  3. Chocolate cosmos
  4. Dahlia
  5. Orchid
  6. Sunflower



Carnations are one of the world's best selling flowers. Associated with different positive meanings, it is the perfect choice for those about to tie the knot as they represent love and devotion. It makes the ideal bridal bouquets, buttonholes and even table decorations. Besides romantic love, carnations symbolise filial love and love towards friends. 

Carnations are also the flowers to give to that quirky person in your life. Known for their distinct features, they stand out from the crowd. Moreover, their unique and charming shape captivates the hearts of those that look at them. Thus, a person receiving a bunch of carnations is genuinely fascinating.

Carnations do not only come in pink. They come in a variety of colours, with each carrying a special meaning. 

Pink carnations to express gratitude

Giving pink carnations is a great way to say thanks and show your appreciation to your teacher, caregiver, co-worker or friend.

White carnations for good luck

Beautiful and pure, white carnations represent good luck. They are perfect for the newly engaged, just graduating or embarking on a new life journey.

Red carnations to show love and affection

It is a no brainer that vibrant red carnations express romantic love. Though most lovers give these flowers to their partners, they can also be a gift to anyone close to you.

Yellow carnations for rejection

These flowers don't have the happiest meaning. Though pretty on the eyes, they symbolise disappointment and rejection. You should only send yellow carnations when you need to say sorry or in times of sympathy.

Purple carnations for the fickle or impulsive

Give purple carnations to unpredictable family members or friends. It is the safest colour to choose if you are unsure how they will receive your gift.



Chrysanthemums or 'mums' are a symbol of optimism and joy. Edible and used as an insect repellent, each colour of this flower comes with a distinct representation.

Pink chrysanthemums for longevity, honour and love

Pink mums are the best choice to show that you care and appreciate someone.

Red chrysanthemums for love and passion

An alternative to roses, you should include chrysanthemums in shades of scarlet in your anniversary bouquet.

Yellow chrysanthemums for cheering someone

A happy colour, a bouquet of yellow mums, is perfect and can perk someone up and lift their spirits.

White chrysanthemums for loyalty

Though primarily used on funeral sprays, white mums are known to symbolise devotion and loyalty.

Orange chrysanthemums for autumn

Mums in fiery shades are the perfect representation of autumn.


Chocolate cosmos

Chocolate cosmos gets its name from its fragrance. The chocolate smell gets stronger as the sun dies. With this flower, you communicate your feelings of intense love. Passion, desire and sensuality are enveloped in a bouquet with chocolate cosmos as it says, "nobody else can love you more than I do".

Sending chocolate cosmos also shows good wishes to those who receive it. In addition, its bright and rich colour symbolises masculinity. It sends the message, "you are attractive and manly for me." 



Dahlias are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world with symbolic meanings. The flower is known to represent remaining graceful, finding inner strength, and changes in a positive way. On top of that, dahlias represent people who stand out from the crowd and stay relaxed during the adventure. Kindness, honesty, and commitment are some of the virtues dahlias represent.

Red dahlias for strength and power

Send a bouquet with red dahlias to send a clear message of support and love. Family members and friends who are going through difficult times will appreciate the sentiment.

Pink dahlias for kindness and grace

Pink dahlias are the perfect gift for loved ones who are irreplaceable in your heart.

Purple dahlias for royalty and dignity

These purple flowers are perfect for giving to any person who represents perfection in your eyes.

White dahlias for purity and focus

Send white dahlias to someone you find to be innocent and pure. These flowers are perfect for weddings and baptisms.

Blue and green dahlias for new beginnings

Dahlias in blue or green are the perfect gift for those starting a new chapter.

Black dahlias for betrayal

People usually express the feeling of betrayal and sadness with black or burgundy shades of dahlias.



Orchids symbolise fertility, charm, love, beauty, refinement and thoughtfulness. They are the perfect gift to your partner, especially if you are looking for something unique. They come in beautiful colours, with each carrying a symbolic meaning.

Pink orchids for femininity

Orchids in pink tones also represent grace and friendship, making them a suitable present to female friends.

Red orchids for romance

Red orchids are the flowers to send to someone with whom you feel passion and affection.

Orange orchids for strength and boldness

Orchids in shades of orange are excellent gifts for someone with joining a competition, having an important presentation or event.

Purple orchids for royalty

Purple orchids show gratitude and respect with a touch of class. Send these flowers to someone you highly regard.

Green orchids for good health

Green orchids are the best choices for wishing someone well, whether in health or fortune.

Yellow orchids for vitality

Yellow orchids are the flowers for new beginnings so give them to new parents and newlyweds.

White orchids for hope

White orchids are also a symbol of innocence, purity, and refinement.

Blue diamond orchids for luxury

Blue diamond orchids are rare so if you chance upon some, send them to the person you value the most.



Bright and cheery, sunflowers are as warm and inviting as the summer sun. Its unmistakable sun-like appearance is no stranger to someone who needs to lift their spirits. Sunflowers are symbols of adoration, loyalty, longevity, and compassion. 

But, most people know them as symbols of long-lasting happiness and optimism. In addition, having sunflowers at home helps reduce anxiety. The rays of sunflowers come in four shades, with each having a specific meaning.

Yellow sunflowers for truth, goodness, honesty and compassion

Red sunflowers for positivity and strength

Orange sunflowers for cheerfulness, good fortune and happiness

White sunflowers for purity, new hopes and peace

Pink sunflowers for good health, innocence, glory


Choosing the Best Colours for Autumn Flowers

October flowers look amazing in a range of colour palettes, not just browns and oranges. It is the perfect time to embrace different shades of autumn and winter colours.

Jewel tones such as reds, pinks, blues, purples and emerald greens can balance an autumn flower arrangement. These colours also work well with unexpected pairings, such as orange and blue or deep purple with a vintage-inspired colour scheme.

Adding antique pinks and soft creams to the arrangement makes a beautiful and interesting design. Of course, don't forget to choose foliage for an autumnal vibe.