Blooms in Season: November FlowersBlooms in Season: November Flowers

Blooms in Season: November Flowers

Autumn has a beauty that is different from the sunnier seasons. In contrast to spring and summer, which like to show off, autumn is mellow and dances to a beat of its own. 

Now that October is over, it is time for November to show off. Read on and discover which flowers are all favoured by local florists this month.


List of November Flowers:

  1. Amaranth
  2. Amaryllis
  3. Larkspur
  4. Lilies
  5. Lisianthus



Only a few flowers boast a combination of beauty, healing and nutrition, and the Amaranth flower definitely belongs in this category. A symbol of immortality, it is known by many names:   

  • Fountain Plant
  • Tassel Flower
  • Love-lies-bleeding
  • Prince's Feather
  • Flaming Fountain
  • Summer Poinsettia

Unlike other flowers, the Amaranth retains its beauty even after death. It does not fade and continues to maintain its colour and the appearance of freshness. No wonder it is one of the symbols of immortality. Its connection to immortality translates to unfading affection and eternal love for the recipient. 

Amaranth comes in five colours - purple, pink, red, white and yellow.

Red Amaranth symbolises attachment and eternal love. Therefore, it is an ideal flower to send to a lover.

For wishing someone luck in wealth or life, the best flowers are purple Amaranth. They look pretty as a crown or garland.



Amaryllis represents determination, beauty and love. But, it can also mean success. Gifted to congratulate a hard-earned achievement, it comes in different colours with specific symbolism.

Like most flowers that share the colour, red amaryllis means passion, attraction, and love. It is the flower that shows how much a person means to you. This red flower is also a symbol of beauty.

Pink amaryllis symbolises love and friendship for both genders and people of all ages. Send pink amaryllis to people in your life who love flowers.

Some shades of purple amaryllis varieties are darker than the usual flower. The colour purple has long been a symbol of nobility. Thus, purple amaryllis is a symbol of royalty. It also represents the spiritual side of life. This unusual flower makes the perfect gift to a special and unique person in your life.

Orange amaryllis is for good health and happiness. The colour exhibits positive energy, a great message that anybody would be delighted to receive. Whenever you and your loved ones need a mood booster, orange amaryllis will brighten your day.

White amaryllis is a symbol of purity, femininity, and innocence. The varieties of this flower that resemble lilies represent the mourning of a loved one.

For happiness, luck and good times ahead, yellow amaryllis are the perfect flowers. A great addition to your home, it will brighten the day of anyone who sees it.



Larkspur is considered an old-fashioned flower in shades of pink, purple, white, and blue. And, like past trends, it is slowly coming back into fashion as they last longer than their cut flower counterparts. This flower's universal meaning is love or strong emotional attachment. However, it also symbolises a pure heart and the need for humour or a light-hearted tone.

Pink larkspur suggests a change of heart or indecision. But, on the brighter side, gifting this flower expresses gentle feelings of love.

Purple larkspur shows the intensity of first love and how its echoes can stay throughout your life. Give it to a first love as a reminder of the connection between you.

White larkspur shows joy and represents someone with a pure heart. Traditionally used in weddings and baptisms, it is also the perfect flower to give to just about anyone. 

Blue larkspur symbolises grace and shows respect for others. A symbol of support and trust, this flower is perfect when you need to show appreciation.



Lilies have long held the meaning of fertility and purity. However, individual types of lily flowers and the colours of the petals have additional meanings.

Asiatic Lily

A popular choice among the lily varieties, Asiatic lilies come in an assortment of colours. Generally, it is a symbol of marriage and purity in Western cultures. Still, you can give orange and Asiatic lilies to celebrate the birth of a newborn or to welcome new beginnings in life. Meanwhile, pink Asiatic lilies are for healing and romance.

Tiger Lily

Tiger lilies are one-of-a-kind because of the spots on their petals. Often associated with wealth and pride, these spotted lilies feature vibrant colours that evoke positivity and confidence. 


Meaning of lilies based on the colours of their petals:

White lilies represent cleanliness, innocence and modesty. The flower of choice for funerals, send this flower with a condolence message or a sympathy card. Serene white lilies are also the best decor for weddings and other church ceremonies.

A bright and cheerful colour, yellow lilies symbolise joy, gratitude, good health and healing. Give fresh yellow lilies to friends and loved ones to energise and surprise them!

The same colour as blood, red lilies are for expressing passion, love and romance.

A symbol of femininity and grace, pink lilies represent understanding as well as prosperity and abundance. Send this flower to your mum, aunt or sister to show your love. The pink striped stargazer lily is the best flower to show ambition.

Orange lilies show confidence, wealth and even encouragement. They stand out from the rest, making them the perfect flowers to express your honour and respect towards a notable person. You can also give orange lilies as a gift to celebrate important life milestones, or a life lived with enthusiasm.

Rare and exclusive, purple lilies symbolise privilege and royalty. Therefore, a luxurious flower such as the purple lily is best as a gift. Feel like a royal when you order such beautiful flowers for yourself.



A gift for people who helped others, Lisianthus flowers serve as a symbol of appreciation. They play a big part in weddings, as wedding decors or gifts for the newlyweds to symbolise devotion and lasting bonds.

Lisianthus flowers require specific conditions to germinate and then grow into hardy plants. As a result, the flower represents rising above your surroundings and being grateful for what you have in life. 

Besides these meanings, here is the symbolism of each colour of the flower:

Light pink Lisianthus shows gentle and kind emotions, making it a great gift to a young mother or a younger woman. The colour sends a message of affection and love in a non-romantic way. It is perfect for sending to friends and family members.

Pink Lisianthus is the best gift to someone you love. It shows affection and romance, so it is best gifted to your partner.

Purple Lisianthus is a beautiful flower, and it stands out in every room. It is best to send this flower to someone special. That person should not be anyone random, but someone who has occupied your mind completely.

White Lisianthus symbolises purity and spirituality, and it is the most popular wedding venue decor among the varieties. It is a versatile flower that can be a gift that will not send the wrong message to the receiver in any way.

Yellow Lisianthus, like other yellow flowers, is the best gift to friends. It can also be a beautiful home decor as it evokes positive feelings.

Red Lisianthus symbolises passion and love. 


November flowers come in a range of colours for the highs and lows of life. Even when the temperature starts to drop, you are sure to feel giddy when you bring home or receive any of these flowers. 

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