Blooms in Season: December FlowersBlooms in Season: December Flowers

Blooms in Season: December Flowers

Flowers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when December comes. But did you know there are plenty of blooms that are only in season during winter? Here are some of the beautiful flowers you will be seeing more of this season.


List of December Flowers in Season:

  1. Camellia
  2. Calla Lily
  3. Gardenia
  4. Poinsettia
  5. Protea
  6. Sweet Pea



Camellias symbolise love, devotion, affection, and admiration. These flowers come in different colours and hold significant value in cultures around the world. Here are common colours of camellias and their unique meaning:

White camellias have several meanings. These flowers can show adoration to someone well-liked. They can mean purity, similar to the love between a mother and child. When presented to a man, these flowers are thought to bring luck. They can also be part of a funeral arrangement or a wedding bouquet for a long and faithful marriage.

Pink camellias are the perfect flowers for long-distance lovers. Sometimes, words are not enough to show you miss and long for the person, so a bouquet with pink camellias is greatly appreciated.

Red camellias signify love, passion, and deep desire. Give these flowers to someone you truly desire. Combining red and pink camellias express romantic feelings.


Calla Lily

Not a true lily, calla lilies are one of the flowers known for their appearance. It comes in six colours, each having a specific meaning.

White calla lilies represent purity, faithfulness, holiness, innocence and youth.

Yellow calla lilies depict gratitude.

Purple calla lilies symbolise charm, passion, loyalty, wisdom, and royalty.

Red calla lilies represent beauty, courage and determination.

Pink calla lilies signify romance, love, admiration and appreciation.

Black calla lilies convey the beauty of elegance and mystery.



Gardenias signify hope and trust. They are also symbols of clarity, knowledge, renewal, beauty and the power of dreams. If someone is starting something new or making plans for the future, gardenias are the best flowers to give them. Gardenias also represent beauty in any shape or form.

Gardenias come in red, white, yellow and pink. Here is the meaning of each colour:

Red gardenias are symbols of the secret love between two people. Sending a bouquet with red gardenias is a silent way to say I love you. Besides this, these flowers help the giver express extreme emotions such as happiness, sadness and excitement.

White gardenias are a classic. The ivory white petals show purity and refinement. Each petal of this flower is a figure of class and elegance, making it stand out from the rest.

Yellow gardenias show the overwhelming joy and waves of ecstasy experienced by the person giving them.

Pink gardenias embody feminine beauty and strength. In addition, the colour of the petals is symbolic of emotional support.



Known as the Christmas Star or Christmas Flower, poinsettias symbolise love, hope, success and good cheer over the Christmas period. Typically in a bright red shade, this flower can also bloom green, white, and pink. Poinsettias bring wishes of joy and celebration regardless of their colour.

Poinsettias are one of the December birth flowers and make an excellent gift for those with birthdays in December. These flowers can also be tributes to commemorate someone who passed away in December.



An unusual flower, protea comes in different varieties and colours. It represents diversity, courage, and transformation. Protea flowers stand out from the rest and attract attention when in a group with other blooms. In addition, it has a beautiful and mysterious appearance, making it perfect as a gift for someone unique.

Protea flowers are also symbols of courage. Therefore, it is best to give these flowers to someone who needs a boost in overcoming obstacles. As a symbol of transformation, this flower shows that someone is becoming different and better.

Here are some varieties of the Protea flower:

  • True Proteas
  • Blushing Bride
  • Rose Mink
  • Pincushion Protea
  • King Protea
  • Queen Protea

Proteas come in different colours, with each shade having a specific meaning.

White Proteas symbolise a pure spirit, honesty and integrity. Sending these is a beautiful way to show you trust and appreciate someone's presence in your life.

Red Proteas show passion and love for someone close to you. They are a great alternative to the typical Valentine's Day flowers. 

Orange Proteas bring optimistic energy that leads to happiness, joy and cheerfulness. It also shows that there is a world of possibilities.

Yellow Proteas are the perfect gift for a friend you trust.

Green Proteas represent harmony and good fortune. It can be a gift or a centrepiece to invite good vibes to your home.

Purple Proteas are symbols of charm and grace. Give these flowers to someone who is a perfect reflection of these traits. Purple is also the colour of mystery and royalty.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

In the language of flowers, sweet peas symbolise blissful pleasure, good wishes, friendship and kindness. Most often given to express gratitude, this flower is the official birth flower of April. But, sweet peas are not all about positive experiences. They are also the flowers associated with departures and goodbyes.

Sweet pea is available in most colours of the floral rainbow. However, one colour that is not available is yellow. Below are some of the colours and the meaning behind each flower.

White sweet peas are symbols of innocence and purity. These flowers are commonly called Clotted Cream, White Frills, and Dorothy Eckford and are used in wedding bouquets.

Orange sweet peas symbolise enthusiasm and excitement.

Red sweet peas show passion and desire.

Pink sweet peas symbolise beauty and youth. The most common pink-coloured sweet peas are Fire and Ice with deep pink and white hues, Gwendoline with magenta-pink petals, and Mollie Rilstone with soft pink blooms.

Purple sweet peas signify royalty and pride. The two common purple varieties of sweet pea are Cupani and Matucana, with violet and deep crimson blooms.


Despite the cold, December has a lot of flower options to offer. Expect these blooms in season to show up on wedding bouquets and bespoke arrangements given as gifts and surprises.