A Guide to Gifting Flowers to Appreciate Your BossA Guide to Gifting Flowers to Appreciate Your Boss

A Guide to Gifting Flowers to Appreciate Your Boss

A leader and a mentor, bosses are people who deserve appreciation every now and then. They are not just your supervisor but someone who believes in your abilities. They are the ones who teach you new things and help you through any situation.

It is only natural to express gratitude to your boss. Whether it is their birthday, promotion or work anniversary, giving them fresh flowers is a thoughtful way to show appreciation. Almost everyone enjoys having flowers around so you will never go wrong with them.

The season also calls for added colours in offices and homes. So, your boss will appreciate the gesture of giving whenever they see the pretty flowers in their work space. Though flowers are universal gifts, colours, flower types, and even presentation matter when you plan to send a gift to your boss.

So before searching for an online florist and buying the first bouquet you see, you should take a look at these pointers.


Top 3 questions when choosing flowers for your boss:

  1. What bouquet size will they prefer?
  2. Which colours are best for a male or female boss?
  3. What flowers are appropriate as gifts?


What bouquet size will they prefer?

Most people forget to be considerate of their recipients. For example, when sending flowers, always consider the size of the bouquet you are giving with regards your boss's workspace. 

If they decide to place the flowers on their desk, consider how much space the bouquet would take. Before committing to a purchase, ask the florist what the ideal bouquet size is to fill an empty vase or an empty corner.


Which colours are best for a male or female boss?

Generally, flowers in cheerful colours such as yellow, pink and orange are your best bet. But if you wish to be specific, you should go for flowers in pastel colours for your female boss. Males, on the other hand, prefer strong and bold colours. 

You can also follow each flower's symbolic meaning. For example, avoid red and bright pink roses, which are symbols of passion and love. It is only appropriate to send these flowers if your boss is getting married. On the other hand, yellow roses are great to send during their birthday as it is a platonic flower gift. 

Purple roses, linked to remembrance and new life, are the perfect gift if your boss recently had a baby. Meanwhile, white roses are ideal for the boss who has lost someone dear to them. Research flower symbolism or ask your local florist about it before deciding on a bouquet.

You can also base colours on the season or celebration. For example, autumn colours are earthy colours such as yellow, green, orange, and brown. Jewel tones and rich, velvety hues are also in trend this season, so try incorporating those colours in your bouquet.


What flowers are appropriate as gifts?

It is tricky to select the right flowers for the occasion as each one has a unique meaning. This list will narrow the options of your search for the best flowers to send to your boss.

In this list:

  1. Asiatic Lilies
  2. Gerbera daisies 
  3. Orchids
  4. Roses
  5. Tulips

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies come in a range of colours, each holding different meanings and symbolism. For new life or beginnings, orange or yellow lilies are the best flowers to celebrate with. Asiatic lilies can be gifted in a bouquet or in a basket.

Gerbera daisies 

These flowers signify innocence and playfulness, making it the perfect thank you bouquet for those young at heart. Gerberas come in different colours and look particularly stunning in a multicoloured arrangement.


Delicate, lavish and luxurious, orchids make the perfect gift to say thank you to a female boss. Their softness and contemporary look make them the ideal centrepieces.


Roses in white, yellow, pink, and lavender are popular and the best choices for gifts. A multi-coloured bouquet of roses is a wise idea if you cannot decide on a specific colour. These flowers smell amazing, reminding the receiver of fresh spring gardens. They also look lovely on desks and tables. 


Tulips are Dutch flowers with a unique shape. This cup-shaped flower comes in many colours and bursts into bloom in spring. When choosing this flower as a gift to your boss, pick the yellow ones. Yellow tulips represent pleasant thoughts and sunshine.


If you have difficulty deciding on a flower type to go with, you can always order a mixed floral arrangement from a local florist. Flower Shops Network has a variety of flowers for different occasions. With their professional florists, you can be sure you are sending the best fresh, hand cut flowers to your boss, and with same day flower delivery you can be sure that orders will arrive on time.


Want to go the extra mile?

Besides flowers, you can always add a little something when sending gifts to your boss. Gift baskets are a plus if you want the gesture to be lavish. 

You can pick up one from the following options.

  • Chocolate basket 
  • Snack basket
  • Fruit basket


If you are unsure as to what gift to send your boss, always go for flowers. With this guide, you can easily select the flower type and colour that best convey appreciation and gratitude. In addition to a beautiful bouquet, you can add luxurious gift baskets that will make their day. So don't be afraid to send flowers to your boss. As long as you keep these pointers, you can give flowers on any occasion, such as their birthday, work anniversary and promotion, and don’t forget if in doubt you can speak to a local florist today.