A Guide to Alternative Valentine’s Flowers 2022A Guide to Alternative Valentine’s Flowers 2022

A Guide to Alternative Valentine’s Flowers 2022

With all the things going on in the world today, we can almost guarantee that it is not going to be a traditional Valentine’s Day in 2022. The question is who cares about traditions when it comes to Valentine’s flowers? A bouquet of a dozen red roses is such a cliché! They are an almost instinctive gift which doesn’t really show your love, or your feelings.

As this year isn’t going to be traditional anyway, why not explore alternative choices? Hand tied flowers come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. With such a variety, our local florists have decided to offer some alternative options and perhaps some advice about Valentine’s flowers for 2022.

Tempting Tulips

We have sourced British tulips this year and think they make the ideal Valentine’s flowers. Rich, luxurious and vibrant these beautiful blooms are symbols of undying love. Be sure to choose a colour that represents your relationship, obviously a bouquet of red tulips symbolises passion but what about some of the others?

Pink- happiness and confidence

Purple- royalty

Yellow- cheerful


Opulent Orchids

These elegant blooms are quirky, have beguiling charm and a long life. So if your valentine likes house plants orchids make the ideal gift this year.

Cute Carnations

With a similar shape to roses, carnations also have a delicate beauty and come in many shades, each of which has a different meaning for your significant other.

Adorable Anemones

Not only are these delicate and beautiful flowers a symbol of undying love, they also offer protection from all evil. What more could your Valentine want?

Fabulous Forget-me-nots

There can be no better way of saying ‘I think about you all the time’ without actually saying it, that is, than sending your love a bouquet of these pretty flowers. Not only do they represent fidelity, true love and a long lasting connection, they are a testament to your love and respect and look fabulous, too!

Brilliant Birth Flowers

If your partner was born in February then you are in luck as Valentine’s month has two birth flowers, the Iris and the Violet, and both are gorgeous choices for a Valentine’s bouquet. Both represent true love and devotion making us wonder why they did not become part of our Valentine’s traditions.


Finally, it is vital to remember that Valentine’s Day is about expressing your feelings. Show your love how much you care by getting their personal favourite blooms and you will never go astray!