7 Ways to Channel the Autumn Aesthetic7 Ways to Channel the Autumn Aesthetic

7 Ways to Channel the Autumn Aesthetic

It is officially autumn in the UK. Most of you have probably updated your closet to make way for knits and layers as the weather starts to cool. But, wardrobes are not the only ones that need an update. To get into the autumn mood, you must embrace all that the season has to offer. Below are seven ways to channel the autumn aesthetic to make you appreciate the cosiest time of the year.


1. Clear out space in your closet

Autumn is the beginning of rainy days and chilly nights, so a sweater and layering are necessary. It's time to make space for chunky knits and other fall outfits you have in mind. Another staple for autumn fashion is a pair of nice boots. Tall or short, what matters is the material. Rich leathers and suedes are the best.

Though hats are not required, many still wear them to complete their look. For autumn, a felt hat never goes out of style. Better treat it like an investment piece. For a casual fall look, go for a knit hat.

Tip: Build an autumn capsule wardrobe to plan your outfits for the season with ease.


2. Light fall scented candles

If you are not into candles, you are missing out on the benefits of having one (or more) at home. Burning scented candles creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere. In addition, a lighted candle here and there adds softness to your room, making it feel warm and welcoming.

Pumpkin scented candles are a classic, but you can always seek new scents inspired by nostalgic autumn memories. Some scented candles to try are:

  1. Sweet Cinnamon
  2. Apple Cinnamon
  3. Pecan Pie
  4. Sandalwood
  5. Brown Sugar Vanilla

Tip: Light up your fall-scented candle in the morning to set the tone of the day.


3. Update your phone and desktop wallpapers

Swapping your phone's and computer's wallpapers with autumn-inspired images is an easy, effortless, and inexpensive way to get into the autumn mood. You can find high-quality stock images for free on some websites. Some social media platforms, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and We Heart It, are the goldmine for such photos. In addition, there are dedicated blogs and accounts for all things autumn, from fashion to lifestyle.

Tip: Don't just search "autumn wallpaper." Look for inspiration, e.g. a Halloween film, and use keywords from that film or reference to narrow your options.


4. Decorate with autumn decorations

With so many options to choose from, decorating can be overwhelming. So when in doubt, start with twinkle lights. Then swap your coffee table items for autumn decor. Tiny pumpkins and dried flowers are some of the things you can incorporate into your design. Don't forget your throw pillows and blankets.

If you want something fresh to liven up the room, then get an autumn-inspired flower bouquet. A local flower delivery service like Flower Shops Network has an autumn range featuring the season's most beautiful flowers. One of their best sellers is Autumn Splendour which has the loveliest orange blooms. Of course, Brassicas are also popular autumn cut-flowers and are a gem to have indoors and outdoors. They come in pink, red, purple and even white!

Tip: Decide on a colour palette for your decorations. Earthy and warm tones best represent the autumn aesthetic.


5. Stay in and enjoy being cosy at home

If you have a fireplace at home, light a fire and enjoy the smell and the sound of the crackling wood. Prep yourself your drink of choice - apple cider or pumpkin spice - and enjoy. You can also look for ambient music to set the vibe. If the day is particularly chilly, get under a chunky blanket on the couch. Use the time to catch up on your reads or watch an autumn-inspired movie.

Tip: Enjoy company or be happy just by yourself.


6. Visit a sunflower field or a pumpkin patch

Autumn is also pumpkin patch season. Have fun finding pumpkins in different colours and sizes. There are also other fun autumn activities in pumpkin patches, such as hayrides, mazes and more. And if you are not a fan of pumpkins, you can visit a local field to admire the beauty of sunflowers.

If you plan to visit a sunflower field, you should go early as sunflowers die out by the end of October. Meanwhile, pumpkin season starts from September up to November.

Tip: Bring a friend and take cute pictures!


7. Rent a cottage in a countryside village

Being in the countryside is a great way to get a break from the usual scenery. Take this chance to relax and recharge. Visit local parks and woodland to see the leaves change colour. On a clear night, get a glimpse of the bright stars.

While you are outside, sneak in some time for a hike. You will get to hear the leaves crunch at your feet as you walk through the trails.

Tip: Look for accommodations months before the peak season.


Autumn is an aesthetic on its own. The crisp, orange to brown leaves, pumpkins, knits, and earthy scents are just some of the elements that make up the season. It is a beautiful time with the temperature not quite as freezing, allowing people to go out and enjoy their time.